Validate a swagger spec

The toolkit has a command to validate swagger specifications for you. It includes a full json-schema validator and adds some extra validations to ensure the spec is valid.


To validate a specification:

  swagger [OPTIONS] validate [validate-OPTIONS]

validate the provided swagger document against a swagger spec

Application Options:
  -q, --quiet                 silence logs
      --output=LOG-FILE       redirect logs to file

Help Options:
  -h, --help                  Show this help message

[validate command options]
          --skip-warnings     when present will not show up warnings upon validation
          --stop-on-error     when present will not continue validation after critical errors are found

Swagger 2.0 resources

Semantic Validation

All the rules the validator tool supports:

Rule Severity
definition can't declare a property that's already defined by one of its ancestors Error
definition's ancestor can't be a descendant of the same model Error
each api path should be non-verbatim (account for path param names) unique per method Error
each path parameter should correspond to a parameter placeholder and vice versa Error
path parameter declarations do not allow empty names (/path/{} is not valid) Error
each definition property listed in the required array must be defined in the properties of the model Error
each parameter should have a unique name and in combination Error
each operation should have at most 1 parameter of type body Error
each operation cannot have both a body parameter and a formData parameter Error
each operation must have an unique operationId Error
each reference must point to a valid object Error
every default value that is specified must validate against the schema for that property Error
items property is required for all schemas/definitions of type array Error

param in path must have the property required: true every example that is specified should validate against the schema for that property | Warning $ref should not have siblings | Warning each referable definition must have references | Warning

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