Flatten a swagger spec

The toolkit has a command to flatten a swagger specification.

Flattening a specification bundles all remote $ref in the main spec document.

Depending on flattening options, additional preprocessing may take place:

  • full flattening: replacing all inline complex constructs by a named entry in #/definitions
  • expand: replace all $ref's in the document by their expanded content

The default behavior of flatten is to bundles remote refs into definitions and normalize JSON pointers to definitions.


To flatten a specification:

  swagger [OPTIONS] flatten [flatten-OPTIONS]

expand the remote references in a spec and move inline schemas to definitions, after flattening there are no complex inlined anymore

Application Options:
  -q, --quiet                                                                     silence logs
      --log-output=LOG-FILE                                                       redirect logs to file

Help Options:
  -h, --help                                                                      Show this help message

[flatten command options]
          --compact                                                               applies to JSON formatted specs. When present, doesn't prettify the json
      -o, --output=                                                               the file to write to
          --format=[yaml|json]                                                    the format for the spec document (default: json)
          --with-expand                                                           expands all $ref's in spec prior to generation (equivalent to --with-flatten=expand)
          --with-flatten=[minimal|full|expand|verbose|noverbose|remove-unused]    flattens all $ref's in spec prior to generation (default: minimal, verbose)

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