Requirements to build generated code

First time with golang?

Golang is a powerful and enticing language, but it may sometimes confuse first timers.

Before engaging further with go-swagger, please take a while to get comfortable with golang basics and conventions. That will save yourself much time and frustration.

Standard golang environment

  • version: we support the two latest versions of the go compiler
  • GOPATH environment variable set: all sources reside under $GOPATH/src
  • it is recommended, but not mandatory, to use the dep tool to manage dependencies (see here)

The target directory for your generated code must be under GOPATH/src.

Getting dependencies

Before generating code, you should make sure your target is going to properly resolve dependencies.

NOTE: generation makes use of the goimports tool and dependencies must be matched at code generation time.

If your target is located under the go-swagger install directory (when installed from source), dependencies are directly provided by the vendor directory that ships with go-swagger.

The following required dependencies may be fetched by using go get:

You may also build a vendor directory in your planned target: a way to achieve that is to copy there an example from the go-swagger/examples repository then run dep - see how to use dep here. This will produce Gopkg.toml and Gopkg.lock files and construct a vendor directory with all required dependencies (the ones above and all transitive dependencies). Another way is to proceed in two steps, first with go get, then generate code, then build the vendor tree with dep.

NOTE : the code generation process ends with a message indicating the packages required for your generated code.

What are the dependencies required by the generated server?

Additional packages required by the (default) generated server depend on your generation options, a command line flags handling package:

What are the dependencies required by the generated client?

Same as above, plus:


What are the dependencies required by the generated models?

The generated models package depends only on:

How about generating specs?

The code that is scanned for spec generation must resolve all its dependencies (i.e. must build).

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