CLI helpers

Bash Completion

Bash completion is supported and can be activated as follows:

source ./cmd/swagger/completion/swagger.bash-completion

Note that this does require you already setup bash completion, which can be done in 2 simple steps:

1) install bash-completion using your favorite package manager;

2) run source /etc/bash_completion in bash;

Zsh Completion

Zsh completion is supported and can be copied/soft-linked from:


In case you're new to adding auto-completion to zsh completion, here is how you could enable swagger's zsh completion step by step:

1) create a folder used to store your completions (eg. $HOME/.zsh/completion);

2) append the following to your $HOME/.zshrc file:

# add auto-completion directory to zsh's fpath
fpath=($HOME/.zsh/completion $fpath)

# compsys initialization
autoload -U compinit

3) copy/soft-link ./cmd/swagger/completion/swagger.zsh-completion to $HOME/.zsh/completion/_swagger;

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